16 January, 2009

things you may or may not know about me

ok, so on the Spacebook thing, Juliet tells me I'm tagged. If I tag *you,* the name of the game is you post a note with 16 thangs about *your*self and tag 16 more people to do the same. Think of it as a cross between a chainletter and that old 'SNL' skit w/Lovitz about, "GET TA KNOW ME!!!" anyway, I had fun with this, so here's the same for those of you who don't spacebook me.


1. I have been overheard, on more than one instance, referring to Barack Obama as "President-elect Wingman."

2. I would rather drop a good chunk of money preparing a killer dinner party for my friends than going out with them to, oh, 95 percent of restaurants out there (except maybe sushi places, since I really don't make my own sushi. Yet).

3. I used to work at a French Restaurant/wine bar. My boss, who hails from Bergerac, would often call on me to correct his American-born wife's not-so-good french. He never picked up on the fact I only took one semester of french in college, in which I only received a 'B' because the T.A. had an admitted Skodt-crush. As it stands, I have about a 30-word french vocabulary (most of which = words for some sort of food or beverage) and can't conjugate any verb in french to save anyone's anything.

4. As a child, I had nightmares about Jesus. In the here and now, I am an atheist.

5. But I do believe in magic.

6. If a gay man hits on me at a party or bar, I play along and don't let on that I'm straight, because, hey, don't we all love the attention?

7. I don't believe in seasonal-affective disorder, but if the Steelers lose, I am a raging psychopath until the next time they win. You should have seen me from Feb. to Sep. of 1996.

8. I'm not a leg-man, breast-man, ass-man, etc. per se, but I do have a thing for ladies from all over the globe with *any* accent not indigenous to the Northern 1/2 of the U.S.

9. I don't know if I'd be able to take a bullet for any head-of-state, but I wouldn't think twice about taking one for Paul Westerberg, Bob Dylan, Bill Cowher or Tom Waits.

10. I cried, like a baby, for a good 6 hours, when John R. Cash died.

11. One time, I finished the Chicago marathon. It was never a goal/dream of mine, but Joe Strummer finished three, so, uh ...

12. I am a complete effing *snob* about wine, but my favorite domestic is still $3 Chuck.

13. Who is this Bill Ayers character who keeps add-requesting me?

14. If I *ever* catch you putting ice into a glass of single-malt, you had better run, like hell, for your dear life (I will allow a *very* small splash of water).

15. back in the '70s, my uncle Ruben had a *GINORMOUS* afro. I mean the kind with a chin-strap. I was, like, a toddler ... anyway, I saw a lot of "Welcome Back, Kotter" in those days, and he sort of reminded me, due to his hair, of the Freddy "Boom Boom" Washington character from that show. My mom, my aunt, etc. -- to this day -- think it was *sooooooooooo* cute how I called my uncle "Oomboom" because I was not yet old enough to say "Ruben," but, really, I was trying to call him "Boom Boom" because he looked like Freddy Washington. Cousin Amy, now you know ... the rest of the story.

16. This is the Tom Green Show. It's not the Green Tom Show. It is my favorite show because it is my show.

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