10 March, 2007

#2 in my band's KICK YOUR DOOR DOWN! series

The Mutiny is rapidly becoming our favorite place in Chicago to play. Yes, some clubs have a nicer sound system, or are less smoky, better-known or at least more 'on the radar,' but the club has been good to us, they're decent to bands in general and they're proving to be eager to work with us bringing awesome bands from out-of-town to Chicago. Hey, I'm a sucker for free drinks and being able to play longer than 45 minutes.

We hosted Treysuno. They used to be based in Toledo/Bowling Green & now they're scattered in various parts of OH and MI, I believe ... anyway, they've just wrapped up a rock-solid full-length & we'd been aware of them for a few years & we were excited to have them. We completed the bill with Tall Friends & Red, two of our favorite local acts.

Tall Friends played first. Probably the best performance I've seen from them. During their set, Andy from We Make Thunder overheard the doorman comment about the abundance of Ohio IDs at the gate. Every time I turned around, it seemed there were 10 more people in the club. I expected a *decent* turnout, as Red always bring a good crowd, but this turnout was definitely unexpected. You couldn't take two steps without knocking folks aside. It was like a big, smoky, alcohol-soaked Tokyo subway with good rock.

When Red played, folks started to move. They have this awesome song, "Not Too Late," that seems to get everybody going. After that, Treysuno put on a short-but-energy-driven set. This had to be one of the best shows I'd seen to this point. I was nervous to follow such performances. But we did, and in spite of a surprise visit from the fire marshall & in spite of Steph's amp blowing up, we trudged through our set & it seemed folks were happy.

#3 is May 5, with The Rosehips. They're a killer, all-woman band from Columbus. If it's half as good as the last one, it'll be great.