02 January, 2009


- buy a new phone (mine is near-death, often gets no signal & the screen just cracked (rendering it near-useless, as well)).

- travel somewhere this year other than to Columbus for Jill's wedding.

- drink less alcohol.

- that novel I've been finishing since, oh, 2004, we-e-e-e-e-e-llll (no, really, it's there, I'm just anal about revision (is it possible to be revisionist about anal?)) ....

- finish the pome about the Jeezus mural at St. Paul's I told Matt Barton I'd have to him two days ago.

- drink more alcohol.

- no more eating like an arsehole.

- start a new band.

- learn to dream in b&w, not like the 'normal' kids, but because it would make my dreams Fellini-esque. Yeah, my dreams to this point have been exclusively in color.

- two words: Flugtag Ornithopter.


1 comment:

Henry said...

Flugtag Ornithopter... this makes a great metaphor for life/whatever. Man attempting to fly like birds. Massive failure. Hilarious visuals.

Thanks. You've got me thinking this morning.

Hope all is well.