23 July, 2009

Things to do around Hyde's Park

1. Grow a beard.
2. Build a bar in my bedroom.
3. Go bowling across the street.
4. Chill w/Clarence Darrow's ghost in Jackson's Park.
5. Shave my beard.
6. That silver-haired, Harry Morgan-looking regular at Jimmy's who always gets 4 or 5 burgers for takeout ... yeah, that guy ... get all the regulars to start calling him "Hamburger Joe."
7. Grow a beard.


cbailey1979 said...

Anybody that wants something to do around Hyde Park would head to 60th & Cottage Grove to see the statue of Humans passing time or time passing humans, then, if you still have your beard, head East for the Golden Statue of the Republic.

ewigkeit said...

Where are you going to get the lips couch?

RFS said...

walk Fred.