25 May, 2008

under the loyola el pkg. goods freewrite #

you were telling me
about yr. dream, the one
begins you wake

@ his place
preoccupied w/leaving
to feed yr. dog

& put off cleaning
write something
go shopping

but he’s not there
when the guests
begin to arrive

uninvited, the couple
fucking in his pantry &
univ. colleagues

their theses
sounds like

… yr. overwhelmed, I offer
by the lot of it
it’s late

we’ve nursed liters of wine
watching Jeunet in yr.
living room in un-

folded camping chairs
Wed. night rocking
back in them, taking turns

our mutual, amateur
shrink game you sd.
there were eels

in yr. suitcase
I noticed
yr. boots

on the dumpster
& the snow
hits yr. window

I remember Kinnell’s Book
of Nightmares, his
2ndhand shoes

(each star, ev’ry
1, see
is a magnet.

& the gravity
of these chairs
finds us

in our 30s, here
to sort thru
timing &

years &
just what) I’m

singing Dylan
to myself
at the bar -- I wouldn’t

worry about it none, though
those dreams are only in yr. head.

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