05 January, 2008

Thoughts on Iowa's raucous caucus

I watched it on MSNBC, because you can't beat Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann getting all giddy over an election. Today's NY Times actually ran a good review of Matthews' coverage. The man is part wonk, part shaman, part belligerent barfly & I love it.

Earlier in the day, my mom (who is quite the anti-Bush, old-school, union-card-carrying democrat) asked who I thought would win, and I called it exactly as it turned out on both sides. I'm sometimes that good with NFL picks, but have never been with politics. Usually because my heart's on my sleeve.

Mike Huckabee reminds me of Kevin Spacey portraying a xanex-mellowed Richard Nixon.

I'd resigned myself to not really liking any of the candidates. Hillary plays dirty & is too conservative. Edwards talks a good game but something about him is so-o-o-o-o-o-o plastic. Obama doesn't say much (though he says it well). Biden's a loose cannon,. Dodd's smart (albeit too conservative). Richardson seems clueless half the time and Kucinich and Gravel are just plain silly ...

But, I must admit, I was a bit overcome by some sort of very good feeling when Obama won it and did that so handily. I don't think I'd have felt that way were it any of the others, and I don't remember feeling that way about *any* election's outcome -- let alone one small caucus. For a brief moment, maybe I felt good about the U.S. Who knows?

BTW, if you know & love Mark "Mark" Antonelli, it's his birthday today. Spank his arse.

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