06 February, 2007

cawfee tawk

It's been about a week straight the media has been running with this recent Consumer Reports piece on McDonald's beating out Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts in a coffee taste test. Far be it from me to call out the fair-minded purveyors of that survey, but I've never thought too highly of any of the three. Say I'm spoiled for coming of age in a college town where several cafes served up house-roasted stuff or for living in a big city, where there's decent coffee & decent cafes aplenty, or because the first time I actually drank coffee it was somewhere in Paris when I was a very impressionable 18 years old, but what is so good about any of those multinational options?

McDonald's coffee is served way too hot, and doesn't really taste like much.

Dunkin Donuts? A little more flavor than McDonald's , but still kind of stale & a bit watered down.

Starbucks always burns their coffee, which tastes exactly the same no matter which 'brew' you order.

I actually believe the Consumer Reports piece came to the same conclusions.

There's a great place way up in Edgewater called Metropolis. They roast their own beans and do creative things with a frother. They supply a number of nice establishments with their product. I only wish said product would find its way into my neighborhood and/or the one in which I work.

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